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Find out all of the steps you need to take to get registered for online classes. If you are new to Foothill College or if you were not registered last quarter then you must apply before you may register for classes.

If you are new to online learning then take the self-assessment questionnaire to see if you are ready to be an online learner. Get acquainted with Etudes, the online course platform that most instructors use to host their classes.

Apply and Register at Foothill College

Visit Admissions - Apply to Foothill College
Contact Counseling - Academic advising help
Online Degrees & Certificates - Browse fully online degrees and certificates
View Online Course Descriptions - Decide which courses to take
Register - Register for classes
International Student Registration - Detailed instructions

New to online learning?

Complete our Reality Check to see if you are ready to be an online learner.

Step 1: Take our self-assessment questionnaire now!

This questionnaire will give you an idea whether or not you have the personality traits, learning aptitude, technical knowledge, hardware and software, and study skills for online learning.

Step 2: Complete our online learning tour.

Our online learning orientation offers an overview as to how online learning works, how courses are set up, what tools are generally used, what is expected of you, how interaction takes place, and how to succeed online.

Also, see Learning to Learn Online and How to Succeed in Online College Courses.

Etudes the online classroom

Etudes is the online platorm that most instructors use to host their classes. Through Etudes you will interact with the instructor and classmates. You will have access to course material and you will turn in your assignments and take tests in Etudes. It is your virtual classroom.

Etudes orientation

Read the Etudes student Code of Conduct
Complete our CNSL 90: Intro to Online Learning class (1 unit)
  • Recommended, when available

Etudes Basics

Access your online course

Most students will NOT be able to login to online courses until the first day that the quarter starts.

If your instructor is using Etudes an Etudes User ID and Password are needed in order to login. For details, see Login Instructions.

Note that not all instructors use Etudes so it is really important to find out what they are using instead for delivering their online material.

  • Visit the Course Info page and find your course to see what your instructor requires.
  • Or contact the instructor directly for details. Use the Faculty Directory to find contact information.

Be sure to check for email from your instructor at the email account that you provided when you applied for admission to Foothill College.

Please notify your instructor immediately if you are having problems accessing course materials. Do not put it off or quit logging on because if you don't "show up" for any length of time you may be dropped from the course. Please refer to the instructor's syllabus for "attendance and withdrawal" policy.

Last Updated September 12, 2014
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