Frequently Asked Questions (Faculty)

  1. How do I get started teaching online at Foothill College?

    First, review information about how to Get Started as a New Online Instructor. Next, complete Etudes Certification training. Then, coordinate with your Division dean about scheduling your first online course. Finally, submit a request to get your live Etudes course site set up.

    Each quarter, new live sites are set up in coordination with faculty, Online Learning Dean Judy Baker, and the Etudes Project Staff. Details are provided at Course Site Request Process.

  2. Why doesn't the roster that shows in my Etudes course site match the roster that shows in MyPortal?

    The roster that shows in your faculty MyPortal is updated more often than the roster that shows in your Etudes course site. The roster that shows in your Etudes course site will always be a few hours behind the roster that shows in your faculty MyPortal. This is because we only update the roster in Etudes twice a day. The bottom line is that a new student who shows in your faculty MyPortal roster today may not show up in your Etudes course site roster up to 12 hours later.

  3. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of allowing students enrolled in several sections to login in to the same live Etudes course site?

    The major advantages are that the instructor only has to login to one course site for all courses and he/she only needs to make changes to one course site rather than multiple.

    The major disadvantage is that it may be confusing for students if some are in an on campus course section and others are in a fully online course section because the number and type of assignments/tests/discussion may be different.

  4. How can I reorganize the course tabs in my Etudes account?

    If you would like to change the order that your courses appear on the tabs, click on Preferences at the top menu. Under Preferences, click on Edit to the right of Site Tabs to customize your tabs. To make sites tabs invisible after quarter has ended, move the course title to the left window and save changes. See illustrated instructions in the Etudes FAQs about Preferences.

  5. How are Etudes course sites titled on the tabs when I login?

    Course titles for live Etudes sites each quarter follow a specific format.

    • Live course sites with a single course section contain FH (for Foothill), Course ID, CRN#, instructor's initials, and quarter/year. For example, CNSL 090 for the Fall Quarter might have the Etudes course tab title: FH CNSL 090 12278 JB F14.
    • Live sites that combine more than one section do not have a course call number(CRN) in the title tab. For example, FH CNSL 090 JB F14.
  6. How do I publish my Etudes course site?

    When you receive your new site it will be set up as UNPUBLISHED. This means that students will NOT be able to login to these live Etudes course sites until you Publish your site.

    To Publish your site, click on Site Info, then click on Manage Access.

  7. How do I use the Etudes Course Map and Activity Meter?

    These new tools will allow you to keep better track of and control student activity in your course site. To learn more visit the Etudes Help for Instructors page and scroll to the Course Map and Activity Meter section.

  8. What happens and what must I do before my Etudes course site is archived and purged on July 1st?

    On July 1, 2015, Etudes, Inc. will conduct a routine archiving and purging of Etudes course sites. Sites from 2013 will be archived and sites from 2011 and older will be purged from the archives. To learn more visit the Etudes Archiving and Purging of sites page.

  9. Is there an Etudes orientation for students?

    Etudes Orientation sessions are held for students on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the first week of every quarter. To learn more visit the on campus orientation page.

  10. Is there a Welcome Message template I can use for my students?

    You are encouraged to send a Welcome message to your enrolled students BEFORE each quarter starts. Feel free to customize our Welcome Message template.

  11. What should I do if I have problems using Etudes?

    If you experience any problems or technical difficulties using Etudes, try troubleshooting.

  12. How do I use the campus wireless connection to the Internet?

    The Foothill College wireless network segment provides wireless network service to those who have a relationship with the District. Anyone with a Student ID or Employee ID has the ability to use this wireless network. Use the PIN number for the password. More details are available at ETS.

  13. What if I want my online students to take a proctored test but they don't live near Foothill College?

    If a student does not live in the Bay Area and needs proctored testing, check the following site for the location of an assessment center nearby: For more details, see Testing Services.

  14. What should I do if I have problems with MyPortal?

    First, check the Quick Start pdf. Next, look over the MyPortal Guides.

    If that doesn't help, please submit a Ticket to the Call Center that details the problem you are experiencing. For best results, get a screen capture (click on Print Screen button and paste to a document) of any error message that you see and send it to the Call Center.

    To report technical problems with MyPortal, submit a Technical Problem Report Form.

  15. How can I submit forms for Grade Change, Incompletes, Late Add/Reinstate, and EOPS Progress Report?

    Follow the instructions posted at Online Forms.

  16. Where can I find out more about the resources offered in MyPortal?

    Look through the Faculty Tab FAQ for MyPortal pdf and step through training files provided by Educational Technology Services (ETS).

  17. Is there a FAQ that answers questions about the web page I created on the Foothill College website?

    Visit the FAQ at the Foothill College website that is dedicated to answering questions about developing web pages.

Last Updated March 23, 2015
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