Your Eco Pass Now Comes on a Clipper Card

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Effective winter 2014, the ASFC VTA Eco Pass is incorporated onto a "Clipper Card," a reloadable smart card used for electronic transit fare payment in the Bay Area.

The Eco Pass is still good for only one quarter at a time (see dates below), but the Clipper Card is good for multiple quarters and for life beyond Foothill.

To get your Eco Pass, go to the Foothill College Smart Shop in the Campus Center and ask for your Clipper Card. The following restrictions apply:

  • You must be an enrolled student in the current quarter.
  • All registration fees must be paid.
  • You must live in Santa Clara County
    • All students who live in Santa Clara County are required to pay the Clipper Card Fee
    • If you live outside Santa Clara County and have been exempted from the fee but would like to get an Eco Pass, you just need to pay the $3-5 fee.
The VTA Eco Pass provides all Foothill students unlimited rides on Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) buses and light rail within Santa Clara County for the duration of a quarter term. The Eco Pass is valid only for VTA services within Santa Clara County.

However, your Clipper Card can be used for other transportation agencies provided funds or purchased passes are saved on to the card.

The new Clipper Card Eco Pass is a proximity card. To use your Clipper card, locate the Clipper card reader at the entrance of the transit vehicle, fare gates or station and hold your card flat against the Clipper logo until you hear a beep or the gates open.
Currently two bus lines - VTA routes 40 and 52 stop at Foothill.

The VTA Eco Pass is eligible to be waived if a student lives outside of the Santa Clara County and is enrolled in online class(es) ONLY for the quarter.

When Can You Use the Eco Pass?

The ASFC Eco Pass is valid seven days a week for VTA buses and light rail ONLY - see table below for valid dates for each quarter; you must be enrolled for the quarter and have paid your fees or be on a payment plan to order a new Eco Pass. If there is no easy route for you to commute by bus to school, you can still use the ASFC Eco Pass on weekends or any other time that is convenient.

The ASFC Eco Pass is not valid on ACE, Amtrak, BART, Caltrain, Highway 17 Express, Dumbarton Express, Monterey-Salinas Transit, and SamTrans.

Eco Pass Quarter Eco Pass Ordering Begins Eco Pass Ordering Ends Eco Pass Valid From Eco Pass Valid To
Summer 8th week of spring 8th week of summer 4 weeks before end of spring 2 weeks after start of fall
Fall 9th week of summer 8th week of fall 2 weeks before start of fall 2 weeks after start of winter
Winter 9th week of fall 8th week of winter 2 weeks before end of fall 2 weeks after start of spring
Spring 9th week of winter 8th week of spring 2 weeks before end of winter 2 weeks after start of summer

How is the Eco Pass Program Funded?

All enrolled Foothill students are eligible for the VTA ASFC Eco Pass program through a mandatory quarterly fee, which was established by the Foothill Associated Student Body (ASFC) during a spring 2011 proposition vote that passed and was approved by the Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees. Part-time students with 0 to 5.9 units pay $3 per quarter, part-time students with 6 to 11.9 units pay $4 per quarter, and full-time students with 12 or more units pay $5 per quarter.

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