The primary goal of the Counseling Division is to provide opportunities for you to clarify your personal goals and values. Our counselors are committed to your academic success and deliver a range of counseling services.
Academic Counseling
  • Help students explore educational options
  • Provide up to date information on institutional and transfer requirements
  • Help students clarify academic goals
  • Help students develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for graduation
    and/or transfer
  • Review graduation and certificate requirements
  • Address academic and progress probation
  • Provide referral to other support services on campus
Transfer Counseling
  • Provide a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for transfer
  • Evaluate course work for transfer applicability
  • IGETC and CSU GE certification eligibility
  • Review articulation agreements with UC, CSU, private and out of state colleges and universities
Career Counseling
  • Help you identify skills, interests, values and personality style
  • Help you explore career options and paths
  • Provide up to date information on employment trends
  • Offer career exploration and college success courses
  • Provide career testing
Personal Counseling
  • Offer support and referrals to address personal issues and problems
  • Provide referrals to on-campus and community resources