Courses for College Success
The Counseling Division is happy to offer a variety of classes to help you achieve college success. Here's a sampling of our Counseling (CNSL) and Career Life Planning (CRLP) courses, including numbers, titles, and descriptions. For comprehensive, up-to-date information on all our classes, please refer to the online Schedule of Classes.
CNSL 1: College Success (3 Units)
Examination of factors that contribute to college success, including responsibility/control; competition; task-precision; expectations; wellness; time management; college involvement; family/support systems involvement. Activities include: testing and individualized evaluations; group processing and practicum.
CNSL 5: Introduction to College (1.5 Unit)
Orientation to Foothill College academic policies, resources, programs and services; introduction to California systems of higher education; formulation of educational plan.
Note: All CNSL 5 classes meet the first six weeks of the quarter unless otherwise noted. It is recommended that the student complete math and English assessments before entering the CNSL 5 classes.
Note: Students who have completed 30 college credits and want to waive taking CNSL 5 must show proof by OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS to a counselor for approval. Students should schedule a counseling appointment and fill out a Release of Hold Agreement with the counselor.
CNSL 52: College & Life Management (4 Units)
Examination of psycho-social and wellness issues related to personal and academic success. Explores theories and practice for effective goal-setting, communication, health and wellness, learning and social growth.
CNSL 53: Effective Study (3 Units)
Approaches to college learning, including diagnosis of difficulties and a development of new skills.
CNSL 85H: Transfer Readiness (1 Unit)
Learn to choose a college or university; prepare academically; apply and use counselors and transfer programs to enhance transfer eligibility.
CNSL 86: Introduction to Leadership (1 Unit)
Introduction to the dynamics of working groups and the impact of leadership on the effectiveness of groups; examination of the linkage between concepts and theories of leadership to the everyday functioning of student organizations; understand the role played by structure and governance models in organizational effectiveness.
Note: For information on this course and our other leadership courses,
please call (650) 949-7218.
CNSL 90: Introduction to Online Learning (1 Unit)
This course covers concepts, tools and techniques for success in on-line learning. Through self-assessment, On-line interaction, and use of the various tools and resources of the Internet the student will develop an understanding of the skills needed to be successful when engaging in on-line instruction.
CNSL 175: EOPS: The Road To College Success — More Than Just Books (1 Unit)
Course will introduce EOPS/CARE students to various EOPS services, policies and requirements governing programs. Course encourages collaborative learning, educational attainment, promotes student retention, persistence, success. Topics included: financial aid/scholarship applications, identifying campus resources, budgeting and managing money, cultural identity and experiences, goal-setting, self-esteem, career options, managing time.
Note: This course is designed for EOPS students.
CRLP 70: Self-Assessment (4 Units)
Exploration of individual skills, interests, values, and personality style as they relate to career choice. Includes testing, values clarification, skills identification, lifestyle assessment, decision making and goal-setting techniques.