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Biological and Health Sciences (650) 949-6955
There is a selective admission process to enroll in these classes. For an application, call (650) 949-6955. EMTP is an advanced paramedic education program.

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Continuation of EMTP 61A and is the third of three modularized lecture series. Discusses various toxicological emergencies, psychiatric emergencies, OB, pediatric anatomy and emergencies, command and control, triage, and the geriatric patient. Intended for students in the paramedic program.
9 hours lecture. (108 hours total per quarter.)
Prerequisites: EMTP 61A, 61B and 63A.
Corequisite: EMTP 62B.
Advisory: Not open to students with credit in EMTP 100C.
40260√ EMTP-062A-01 Lecture08:00 AM-04:50 PMTSTAFF, MMC C2

Paramedic skills presented: proper hand washing; personal protective equipment; patient assessment; intravenous access; intraosseous infusion; pharmacology; medication administration; airway management: endotracheal intubation, oropharygeal airway, nasopharyngeal airway, suctioning, dual lumen airways; advanced cardiac life support ambulance 911 call simulations and case studies; synchronized cardioversion; transcutaneous pacing; defibrillation; cardiovascular/chest pain emergency 911 call simulations; end tidal carbon dioxide monitoring; capnography; 12 lead ECG interpretation. Intended for students in the paramedic program.
1 hour lecture, 6.5 hours laboratory. (90 hours total per quarter.)
Prerequisites: EMTP 61A, 61B and 63A.
Corequisite: EMTP 62A.
40261√ EMTP-062B-01 Lecture08:00 AM-08:50 AMWHUSEMAN, DAVIDMC C2
  Laboratory 09:00 AM-03:15 PMWPRIMROSE, BRENTMC C2

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