The California Department of Education (CDE) supports related and supplementary instruction (RSI) in 35 regional occupational centers and programs (ROCP), and adult education programs (local education agencies), with over 200 apprenticeship programs supporting over 40,000 registered apprentices.
Registered apprentices are enrolled in a wide variety of craft and trade programs. There are over 800 approved apprentice occupations in California. To get an idea of the different trade occupations and the locations of the schools throughout California, go to
Apprenticeship is a time-proven, on-the-job training and education delivery system. Appropriations to support RSI were initiated in 1970 under the Montoya Act.
Apprenticeship programs in California are developed and conducted by program sponsors including individual employers, employer associations, or a jointly sponsored labor/management association. Local education agencies individually contract with program sponsors providing educational leadership in the provision of RSI.
(1) Program Sponsor (Union School) → (2) Local Education Agency (Foothill) → (3) CA Dept of Apprenticeship Standard (DAS) → (4) Chancellor’s Office
Foothill Provides:
  • College Credit (100-level courses)
  • Montoya Act Classroom Hours
  • Fiscal/Budgetary Agent
  • Curriculum Approval
  • Completion Certificates
  • AS Degrees (as applicable)
  • Student Services
  • Academic Counseling
  • Basic Skills & Prep
  • Assessment Testing
  • Transfer to Trade Colleges (National Labor College, Tech Trade Schools
    w/apprenticeship programs)
  • CTE/Workforce at local Community College
How to Apply

Students interested in becoming an apprentice in the Foothill Apprenticeship Program should follow the 6 steps below.  Students should NOT apply to Foothill and enroll in courses.  They must first apply to become an apprentice at the Local Union Training office first.  After they have been accepted into an Apprenticeship, they will then be able to register for an apprenticeship class and officially become an apprenticeship student with Foothill. 

Steps to Follow 

  1. Research the trade in which you are interested in.  You can obtain general information about the various apprenticeship trades at:

  2.  Once you have decided on a trade (i.e. Electrician, Plumber) and have written down the location of the training center where the program is offered, visit their web site to gather critical information:

    • Date(s) to apply
    • What to bring
    • Expectations of the trade
    • Characteristics of the trade

  3. Apply on the date advertised and bring all required documentation. *Aptitude tests are typically held approximately 2-3 months after qualifying as an application. Test notification will be sent by mail.

  4. Sign-up and complete the applicant test (or sometimes referred to as Aptitude Test) on the date provided.

  5. Complete an oral interview (if required by the trade). Oral interview takes about 1-2 months to get scheduled once you pass the Aptitude test.

  6. After all testing and interviews are complete, you will receive notification from the union of your ranking or selection into the program.  If you do not hear back from the trade after the allotted period of time, you should contact them.

At Foothill College, apprenticeship students are exempt from paying student fees.

Entrance Examination & Oral Interview

All candidates must pass the entry exam at a minimum of 70% and an oral interview prior to being accepted in the program.

Cohort Learning & On-the-Job Training

Apprentices earn a competitive income while learning their craft from a master journeyman. They attend school one or two nights a week for three hours a night over a quarter or semester. The term (fall, winter, spring, summer) varies with each program.

Additional Information

For information about a specific apprenticeship program, including its availability, requirements or application process, contact one of the training locations listed on Apprenticeship Contacts page.

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