Scholarship Review Committee Guidelines

Dear Scholarship Review Committee members,
Thank you very much for volunteering to participate in the Foothill College Scholarship Application Review Process. For your convenience, we have included some important information that will be useful to you before and during the scholarship review process.

  1. To begin your review of scholarship applications you will need to log into the website. You may enter the website from both on-and-off campus.
  2. Once on the scholarship website, please use your Guest User (GU) user name and password to enter into a specific/assigned scholarship. The Financial Aid Outreach Coordinator will email you a .pdf Rating Sheet, which consists of a list of applicants for a specific scholarship, along with your GU number to you once you confirm your participation in the Foothill College Scholarship Review process.
  3. Once you enter a specific scholarship,
    1. First you will see the name of the scholarship, number of applicants and some other information.
    2. Please click on "View" under the scholarship title to view students' scholarship applications. All attached documents will show up on the right- hand side of students' names. If you see that applicants' names are not in alphabetical order, you may click on "Name" to sort. Once everything is in order, please begin your application review process by clicking on every student's application and other attached documents. While reviewing, if you notice a student attached a document that is not legible or blank, please make a note of this on the printed Rating Sheet and exclude the student from the review process due to an incomplete application.

Please remember, you will not have the ability to grade (A, B, C, D or F) students' applications directly online. Instead, you will review all documents online and then record your grades and other comments, if desired, on the printed version of the Rating Sheet. At the end of your review process, you will return the Rating Sheet to the Financial Aid Office.

If you should have any questions before, during or after the Foothill College Scholarship Applications Review, please contact Financial Aid Outreach Coordinator, Inna Witkop, at (650) 949-7710 or

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