FHDA Money Card

FAQs about Higher One FHDA Money Card

Q. Why Refer Me to the Fee Schedule?
A. We refer you directly to the Fee Schedule, because fees are subject to change at any time. Checking the Fee Schedule ensures that you will always have the most up-to date information.

Q. How can I Avoid PIN Fees and Non-Higher One ATM Fees?
A. The OneAccount provides you with quick and easy access to your money. You can avoid the above fees by simply:
  • Making a Swipe & Sign transaction...choosing 'credit' at the register to avoid PIN Fees.
  • Using a surcharge free Higher One ATM.
Q. Is there a fee to use a Non-HigherOne ATM?
A. Yes, you will be charged a fee each time you use a non-A. Higher One ATM for:
  • Cash withdrawals.
  • Balance inquiries.
  • Transaction declines.
Please be aware that you may also be charged by the financial institution that owns the ATM. This fee is separate from the one that you will be charged by Higher One, and will be displayed on the ATM screen. You can avoid ATM fees by using a Higher One ATM or swipe your card as "credit" for purchases.

Q. What are ATM Fees?
A. Simply put, ATM fees reimburse the bank that owns the ATM. ATM fees are charged by banks when non-accountholders use their ATMs, or when bank accountholders use another bank's ATM.
Don't want to pay extra fees? There are plenty of Higher One ATMs that you can use for free along with ways to Use Your Account for Free.

Q. What is the PIN Based Transaction Fee?
A. The PIN Based Transaction fee is assessed whenever a point-of-sale transaction requires the entry of your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of your card in 'credit' mode. 'Credit' mode requires you to swipe the card and sign your receipt. It is a clever way to avoid paying PIN Based Transaction fees!

Q. Is there a Fee for Official Checks?
A. Yes, there is a fee for official checks. For more information on this and other fees, please visit the Fee Schedule located at the top of your online statement.

Q. What is the Uncollected Funds Fee?
A. It is a fee assessed when an account holder has spent more money than is available in your Higher One Account by making recurring debit card payments; a purchase made with an e-check or paper check; or via ACH.

Q. Is there a Fee for Using the Higher One Mobile App?
A. There is no fee for using the Higher One Mobile App. However, please contact your mobile services provider for any charges that may apply for data usage on your phone.

Q. What is the Research Fee?
A. On rare occasions, customers request documents that require substantial effort on the part of Higher One staff to retrieve/compile. For example, a customer may be required to produce a large volume of banking documents to rectify a case of fraud; to address questions of taxation; or to simply unscramble some confused financial circumstances. Research is not a part of everyday banking and is a very rarely used additional service. The fee if applicable would be disclosed prior to beginning research.

Q. What is the Return Deposit Item Fee?
A. The Return Deposit Item fee may be charged when a deposit was made in to your Higher One Account that does not clear the other bank. For example, someone writes you a check that bounces because they do not have sufficient funds in their account.

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