Terms and Conditions

Criteria for student eligibility -

While there are many requirements that comprise total student eligibility, a summary of those are presented on the above website. Additional information is available on the FAFSA application itself or by speaking with a financial aid representative.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements -

SAP requirements vary between colleges, although they all comprise some basic levels of GPA and progress requirements. To fully understand the SAP policy at Foothill College please review the website above. Additionally, there is a summary table posted within every financial aid student's MyPortal account and financial aid representatives are available for any needed clarification.

Method and frequency of disbursement -

Please carefully review the above webpage to fully understand when the regularly scheduled disbursements happen each quarter and for each financial aid fund type. Realize that some students receive their funds in their first quarter not on the regular schedule due to file completion date, but they get it in a subsequent week. Additionally, the second website is necessary to select how a student wants to receive their financial aid refunds from Foothill College. Please seek answers to any questions from a financial aid representative.

Federal Work-Study -

While Federal Work-Study has federal eligibility requirements, identified on our financial aid eligibility page referenced at the top of this page, there are some fund and college specific requirements that are referenced on the webpages immediately above. Please be aware that Federal Work-Study is a limited fund, so runs out of funds very quickly in any given academic year. Please seek answers to any questions from a financial aid representative.

Direct Loan -

Terms & necessity to repay - http://studentloans.gov/ (Entrance Counseling)

Sample repayment schedule - http://studentloans.gov/ (Exit Counseling)

Exit interview -

At Foothill College student borrowers can come and go on a quarterly basis. Due to this more transient nature of our student population we have instituted the policy of requiring an exit interview whenever a student drops below the minimum of 6 units of enrollment. While this can be waived if the student immediately enrolls again in the following quarter, completion of the Exit interview process by the student is also a viable way to clear that requirement. If in doubt completing the Exit interview process will remind the student of their responsibilities when borrowing funds and is positive feedback on their debt levels. If there are any questions please seek answers from a financial aid representative.