Checklist to Scholarship Application Process:

Write a one-page (limit of 3900 characters) personal statement titled "My Story". If you need help writing your "My Story", please click on Tips for writing "My Story" personal statement.

Go to - Click on "Create Application". - Select a user name and password, and continue to the first page of the scholarship application.

Copy and paste your "My Story" essay onto page 4 of the scholarship application. - Once you "Confirm" and submit your application, you will be able to apply for Foothill scholarships.

While still logged into your scholarship profile, click on "Search Scholarships".

The scholarship page will display both Foothill and De Anza College scholarships. Please note: If you are considered a Foothill College student (i.e. you are currently attending Foothill College, you will be receiving your degree/certificate from Foothill College or will transfer from Foothill college to a four-year institution, and Foothill College is where you receive your Financial Aid) you are only eligible to apply for Foothill College scholarships. To sort by Foothill scholarships, please double click on "Campus". - To view scholarship description, please click on "View" located under the scholarship title. - If you are interested in applying then click on "Apply For This Scholarship".

At this time you will have the opportunity to edit your scholarship application, if desired. If you decide that you don't need to edit your application, please click "Continue With This Data".

In order for us to pre-screen your eligibility for a scholarship, all scholarships have Supplemental Questions. Therefore, once you click on "Continue With This Data", you will be asked to answer a series of Supplemental Questions.
Please note: Based on how you answer Supplemental Questions, you may or may not be able to continue applying for a chosen scholarship. If you click on "Submit Answers To Supplemental Questions With my Application" and the scholarship system takes you to the next page, which means you are qualified to participate in the application process for this scholarship. If the system does not take you to the next page, an instant message will be displayed for your review.

Next, you will be asked to attach any additional documents required in order to apply for a scholarship. Please note: Some scholarships require you to attach more documents than others. You may go to Foothill College Media Center (building 3612) to scan your academic transcripts as well as other documents for FREE.

Once you have finished attaching all of the necessary documents, you are FINISHED applying for this scholarship.

Scholarship Review Committee

Please visit our Scholarship Review Committee page for additional information.

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