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Internships are an essential component of our science and engineering program, providing students with real workplace and service learning. Our industry and government partners as well as advisers help us establish relationships that provide opportunities for students to engage in real-world learning. We currently have over a dozen interns at Stanford helping in science and engineering, and a growing presence at NASA-Ames. We hope to grow our internship program significantly, and establish conduits with workforce pipelines to help place transitional workers in fast skilling programs with educational and job skill support.

Current Interships

  • Stanford University
  • NASA-Ames
  • San Jose State University
  • San Jose Tech Museum
  • Energy Champions
San Jose Tech Museum Interns Nick and Jair

San Jose State University Research Project

The analysis of chiral molecules is paramount for the pharmaceutical industry and drug synthesis, and these outstanding students are involved in cutting edge research at San Jose State to develop a new technique to assign absolute configurations for chiral compounds.

Miranda Lowe and Kasey Wyatt are involved in characterizing luminescent lanthnide(III) complexes to examine their stability to be used as probes in circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) technique. This technique is currently being developed to be able to assign absolute configurations for chiral compounds used in pharmaceutical and biological systems.

Imran Rahman, Carmen Lau, and Farnaz Kargaran are involved in synthesizing novel chiral molecules with biological activities, compelxing them with luminescent lanthanide, and using them as test case to establish if CPL can elucidate chiral structure of different systems.

SJSU Interns
San Jose State University Interns Kasey Wyatt, Miranda Lowe, Imran Rahman, Carmen Lau, Farnaz Kargaran.
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